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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. After I make a decision to paint, what would my next steps be?
A. Get estimates from reliable painting contractors, word of mouth is usually a good reference. Compare the estimates with each other to see why the price differs from one company to another. Ask questions, such as “do you full prime or spot prime”; “how do you prepare a surface for painting”. Just because you got a lower estimate from one company, it is not always the best one to go with. “how many coats of paint will you be using”. Make sure that the person giving the estimate is knowledgeable and answers questions to your satisfaction.

Q. How do I know that the price is fair?
A. By comparing the estimates and asking the above questions. You will find someone who you feel comfortable with.

Q. How do I select a paint finish that would be best for the rooms that I am painting and my particular lifestyle?
A. The company representative doing the estimate should be able to tell you the difference among the finishes, such as best coverage, which ones are washable, what finish is usually used on walls, ceilings or trim.

Q. What about exterior painting?
A. Our company can tell you about common painting failures, such as blistering, peeling and flaking, cedar shake bleeding, etc.

Q. How do I decide on color combinations for the exterior?
A. Again, your company representative can give you ideas of color combinations, and how to accentuate details of your house to make it “stand out” (but not so that it doesn’t fit into your neighborhood). The Benjamin Moore website has click-on color combinations for interior and exterior colors to give you idea.

Q. What about payment and scheduling dates for your company.
A. After signing the proposal and returning it to our office, you will be contacted by the owner and given some available dates. On the day that the work is started, a deposit of ½ of the contract price is usually due and the remainder upon completion of work. The owner, John, will be at your job site on that day so that you can go over any questions or concerns that you have.